Forthcoming Documentary: Food Stamped

I consider my week on the Food Stamp Challenge to be a defining moment in both my work here at MAZON and my personal hunger education (if you’ve noticed, I can’t stop talking about it on this blog). With record numbers of people in the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – the new name for the Federal Food Stamp Program), the Food Stamp Challenge is a rare opportunity to experience first-hand how vital these programs are, and how deeply hunger & nutrition affects all aspects of day-to-day life.

A new documentary, Food Stamped, follows married couple Shira & Yoav Potash – she a nutrition educator in low-income schools, he a documentary filmmaker – as they undergo the Food Stamp Challenge of living on $1/meal:

The film screens as a work-in-progress June 20th at the JCC East Bay in Berkeley, CA, including filmmaker Q&A and panel discussion. More details on that event and the film can be found at



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2 responses to “Forthcoming Documentary: Food Stamped

  1. mazoned

    WordPress accidentally deleted some comments. This one is from Imee (

    Thanks for the link. I think their documentary on living on food stamps will help people see what it’s like and hopefully debunk myths floating around about SNAP and its beneficiaries.

    And this one is from Janna (
    Thanks for posting this article and accompanying video. I hope the full documentary can open people’s eyes and minds about how serious this recession is and what it’s doing to people’s health and food intake.

    Thanks Imee & Janna (sorry about your comments)! Perhaps if you or any other readers are in Berkeley on the 20th you can give a report?

  2. This is great, I’m looking forward to it.