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This Wednesday, July 1st, MAZON joins Twitter users and anti-hunger organizations worldwide for Twitter For Food, a digital movement to raise awareness and funds for hunger and food issues. Alarmed by increasing rates of global hunger, Tim Blair (who tweets as HungerNoMore) decided to skip a meal and donate the savings to UK-based Farm Africa. He encouraged his friends and followers on Twitter to do the same, providing a lengthy list of allies in the fight against global hunger. That was June 1st, and the results were such a success that it became a monthly event. We are honored to be featured on Twitter For Food for July, and are excited to participate in this and future events.

Still not convinced? Here are Tim’s top 10 reasons to Twitter For Food:

10. You could probably skip a meal without even noticing.
9.  You’ll gain the respect of all twitterdom…and your mom.
8.  Your waistline will thank you…translate stomach growl to gratitude.
7.  You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve helped someone today.
6.  Come tax time 2010, you’ll have a write off to remember this by.
5.  Someones waistline will thank you…translate lack of stomach growl to gratitude.
4.  You’ll be a hero on (if you tell me you joined in)
3.  Less back pain from carrying or sitting on a too fat wallet.
2.  The admiration of your peers that you donated in the very first #twitterforfood.

And the number one reason to join the #twitterforfood June 1st campaign…

1. Since you won’t be eating, you have more time to tweet!

Join us in Tweeting & retweeting the following any time within the next 48 hours:

#twitterforfood Skip a meal and use the savings to fund hunger relief locally and globally!

Thanks to Tim & everyone else who participates – feel free to share your experience with us. Post a comment here or Tweet us @StopHunger.



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  1. This is a great campaign! Thank you!

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