Rep. Cynthia Davis on The Colbert Report

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Stephen Colbert lampooned Rep. Cynthia Davis of “hunger is a positive motivator” infamy on The Colbert Report. He was decidedly less kind than we were.

I emailed an edited version of our blog entry to Rep. Davis and have received no reply. Since then, she has appeared on Missouri radio station KMOX and written another “Capitol Report” newsletter defending her opinion that the Summer Food Service Program is unnecessary. She insists the program takes power away from families to feed their children, without realizing how these programs helps families who cannot feed their children. We invite anyone (particularly a fellow Missourian) whose family has benefited from the Summer Food Service Program to email your story to Rep. Davis at But please, be civil – we all need to work together to end childhood hunger, and Rep. Davis is naturally on the defensive after having been labeled “The Worst Person in the World” by Keith Olbermann.


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