This Thursday: Learn About LA’s New Food Policy Task Force

We have a wonderful problem at MAZON… we’ve had so many donations in honor of the High Holy Days that we’re completely swamped just trying to process them all.

These funds allow us to support organizations like Hunger Action Los Angeles, who sent us the following regarding their monthly meeting this Thursday. These meetings are a great place to brainstorm ideas & learn about steps and events by various organizations and individuals to end hunger in Los Angeles and statewide (through collaboration with the California Hunger Action Coalition).

If you can’t make the meeting or live outside of Los Angeles, there are some fantastic snippets about food waste & conservation in a major metropolis and increased food stamp access in California towards the end. Frank Tamborello of Hunger Action Los Angeles also runs a weekly e-newsletter, “To All Those Interested In Food and Justice” chock full of hunger information & news articles. Check out this week’s issue, and learn of even more ways you can help hungry Angelenos & Californians!

Take it away, Frank…

Hunger Action Los Angeles


Learn about LA’s New Food Policy Task Force

Thursday October 8

3 pm to 5 pm

Location: Community Health Councils

Community Room

3731 Stocker, 2nd Floor

(Near Crenshaw/MLK Blvd)

LA CA 90005


*Special Guest Paula Daniels, City of LA:

Paula is going to tell us about the City of Los Angeles’ Food Policy Task Force which will spend the next six months examining every aspect of food in LA—food safety, the emergency food system (food pantries), access to fresh and healthy food—all of the issues that all of you care about. It’s important that you come to this meeting to hear her and learn about this process so it doesn’t go forward without your input!

*Update on City Food Waste Ordinance:

Councilmember Jose Huizar has introduced the ordinance conceived by you, the members of Hunger Action LA! It will be moving quickly so you may get other updates or requests for action before the meeting on October 8. The ordinance would require that the city donate any surplus food from its facilities to the food banks/food pantries. This is food that is still good and edible but would otherwise be tossed in the garbage.

**Following up on our other victory:

How to get the word out about the new No-Asset-Test for Food Stamps:

Since the end of July the county has removed the $2,000 bank account limit for families, with children, applying for food stamps. County Supervisors have put out advertisements and different groups are promoting the new rule so we can get the word out. An update on our progress at this meeting.

***Announcements: Job Openings: Etc.

***Secret Invisible Raffle Contest/Penguin Hunt, Part 4

Please RSVP: or (213) 388 8228


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