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Introducing MAZON’s New Site A.C.T.: End Hunger & iPhone App!

A.C.T.: End HungerTo end hunger, we must A.C.T. – Achieve Change Together.

Today, MAZON proudly launches our year-end campaign A.C.T.: End Hunger (http://actendhunger.org). A.C.T. reflects our core beliefs: that we can achieve a world without hunger, we can change lives, and we can work together to increase our impact. Join over 50,000 annual donors and help us raise $3 million in 3 months for the fight against hunger.

We’ve been listening to your suggestions & requests, and brought them to A.C.T.: End Hunger —

  • An easy-to-assemble MAZON tzedakah box for religious schools, kids & families. Print, fold, decorate, and send us pics of your mitzvah masterpiece! We’ll share your creations on our Flickr feed and blog!
  • Inform friends and family about ending hunger, and why it’s important to you. Email the site to a friend, tweet a link, or share it on Facebook, MySpace and many other social networking sites.
  • Our most exciting project is MAZON’s pioneering iPhone App. Stay involved wherever you go, with instant access to MAZON news, advocacy alerts, local volunteer opportunities & hunger facts. There’s also a giving calculator & easy donation link, so you can give back whenever you break bread. Available now at the App Store!
  • Stay tuned for even more exciting developments!

Need to get a head start on Thanksgiving and holiday greetings? Use MAZON’s new and improved online donation system to send tribute cards or e-cards simply and quickly to your friends and family. Tribute requests received by this Friday, November 20th at noon PST will be sent before Thanksgiving.

With our new donation system, make a one-time gift as a guest, or use your existing MAZON.org log-in to access your new myMAZON account. More features are being developed for myMAZON to make giving even easier! Soon, you’ll have instant access to your entire gift history, and create fundraising pages for family & friends to honor you at important life events.

We can Achieve Change Together! We can end hunger in our lifetime!



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Tweet For Child Nutrition

The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 expires September 30, next week! This provides crucial funding for School Breakfast ProgramsWIC (Women Infants & Children), CACFP (Child & Adult Care Food Program) & Summer Food Service Programs. Additionally, it allows hungry children & working families easier access to existing School Lunch Programs & even Farmer’s Markets. More information about specifics can be found here.

It’s more important than ever that you express your support for H.R.1324 (House Bill) & S.934 (Senate Bill), The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act of 2009. We’ve shown you how to advocate (speak out) for hungry kids through letters, emails & phone calls andsteered you towards online petitions. Now there’s another way – Twitter.

Twitter is a perfect advocacy tool. It allows any user direct access to their representatives (more and more of whom are joining everyday – see Tweet Congress for a full list), and, with 140-character messages and grouping via hashtags (#), it’s easier for representatives and their aides to hear constituents and track support.

Here’s an example we featured on our Twitter @StopHunger yesterday:

Rep @BuckMcKeon please support H.R.1324. Child Nutrition Authorization expires next week! #hr1324

(Not to single out Rep. McKeon, but he’s a local representative & a member of the House’s Committee on Education & Labor)

Now it’s your turn:

  • Sign up for Twitter (if you haven’t already).
  • Go to Tweet Congress. Find your reps using their zip code search.
  • Address your rep directly using @
  • Ask them to support H.R.1324, The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act (if they’re in the House) or S.934, The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act (if they’re in the Senate)
  • If you have characters to spare, ask your followers to RT (retweet) or include the hashtags #hr1324 or #s934 so we can track your support.

There are currently 15 million hungry children in the United States. Tweeting your support takes a couple minutes, but means the world to them.

Thanks for all you do. For more ways to help on Twitter, follow MAZON (@StopHunger) and Twitter For Food (@HungerNoMore).

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Advocacy is Easy

[The following appeared earlier this week as a guest blog on #twitterforfood, a monthly event where Twitter users skip a meal to draw attention to stopping global hunger. For more information, read our thoughts here and visit TwitterForFood.com. For those fasting in observance of Tisha B’Av, we suggest acting on #twitterforfood today instead of August 1, as multiple fasts in one week may be harmful to your health.]

You Tweet for Food every month. You click The Hunger Site every day. You play Free Rice on your lunch break. You befriend national organizations like Feeding America & MAZON on Facebook and follow local groups as often as they post.

Whether you’ve done any of these things, all of them, or just followed the links for the first time, thank you for taking a stand against hunger. With over a billion people suffering from hunger worldwide, there’s never too little you can do to make an impact. Unfortunately, there’s much more that still needs to be done.

At MAZON, we ask that our grantees and partner organizations join us in anti-hunger advocacy and education. This way, we can ensure that everyone will be fed today, tomorrow AND the day after that. This year, amidst incredible need and opportunities for change, we asked our donors to heed the call, involve their communities, and inform their legislatures to support Federal Summer Food Services. That sounds like a tall order, but you can greatly increase your impact, right now, without even leaving your computer.

Why do you Twitter For Food? Take as long as you need to think of an answer. Now pop open a phone, chat window, or email and say hello to a friend. When they ask what you’ve been up to, give them that answer. Ask if they would be interested in joining in next month. Congratulations! You’re now an anti-hunger advocate.

Advocacy is easy. It looks tricky, but all it means is speaking up for what you believe in. Whether you chat with family over dinner, or address the community at a synagogue/church/City Council meeting; whether you cite sweeping studies, or offer a personal story; whether you type 140 characters or 140 pages, it’s advocacy. If your passion is real, and your words are true – it’s advocacy.

That being said, unless your relatives are Senators, you’ll need to write local or national representatives to get the ball rolling on major changes. To find your local legislator, search via Google or a website like Project Vote Smart.

  • First, find a specific bill that calls to you. Saying you support ending global hunger is fantastic, but most legislators would feel just as overwhelmed by that charge as you or I.
  • Keep an eye on Twitter feeds, or check our advocacy alert page & blog for action updates. You’ll want to know the bill’s name, number (H.R.__ for the House of Representatives or S.__ for the Senate) & sponsor(s).
  • Don’t assume the legislator & their staff know the ins & outs of every bill – provide a brief description as you understand it.
  • Imagine you’re sending the same letter to a family member – be clear, concise & respectful (particularly if your legislator disagrees with you regarding the issue).

For an example, let’s use S.934, The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act of 2009, sponsored by Sen. Tom Harkin. I might say the following…

Dear Senator_______________________:

I am writing to seek your support of S.934, The Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act of 2009, sponsored by Sen. Tom Harkin. The Act amends The Child Nutrition Act of 1966 to improve the nutrition and health of schoolchildren by updating the national school nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold outside of school meals. Since the 1970’s, nutritional science has changed drastically, and obesity rates have tripled amongst schoolchildren aged 6-19. Meals provided through the School Lunch & School Breakfast Programs must meet science-based nutrition standards, but foods sold outside these programs currently do not. Updating these nutrition standards for all foods ensures that all schoolchildren who purchase food through school can eat healthy and lower their risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease & other health conditions.



You can advocate via mail, e-mail, or even the phone. Increase your impact! Let’s stop hunger together!


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Twitter For Food

This Wednesday, July 1st, MAZON joins Twitter users and anti-hunger organizations worldwide for Twitter For Food, a digital movement to raise awareness and funds for hunger and food issues. Alarmed by increasing rates of global hunger, Tim Blair (who tweets as HungerNoMore) decided to skip a meal and donate the savings to UK-based Farm Africa. He encouraged his friends and followers on Twitter to do the same, providing a lengthy list of allies in the fight against global hunger. That was June 1st, and the results were such a success that it became a monthly event. We are honored to be featured on Twitter For Food for July, and are excited to participate in this and future events.

Still not convinced? Here are Tim’s top 10 reasons to Twitter For Food:

10. You could probably skip a meal without even noticing.
9.  You’ll gain the respect of all twitterdom…and your mom.
8.  Your waistline will thank you…translate stomach growl to gratitude.
7.  You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve helped someone today.
6.  Come tax time 2010, you’ll have a write off to remember this by.
5.  Someones waistline will thank you…translate lack of stomach growl to gratitude.
4.  You’ll be a hero on twitterforfood.com (if you tell me you joined in)
3.  Less back pain from carrying or sitting on a too fat wallet.
2.  The admiration of your peers that you donated in the very first #twitterforfood.

And the number one reason to join the #twitterforfood June 1st campaign…

1. Since you won’t be eating, you have more time to tweet!

Join us in Tweeting & retweeting the following any time within the next 48 hours:

#twitterforfood Skip a meal and use the savings to fund hunger relief locally and globally! http://tr.im/m1Pq

Thanks to Tim & everyone else who participates – feel free to share your experience with us. Post a comment here or Tweet us @StopHunger.


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